Talent Management

Maximize organizational effectiveness to drive performance, engagement and career development

64% of millennials will leave their jobs if they don't see career growth


Organizational effectiveness ensures a seamless management of your HR programs that add value. There are many external factors that impact how an organization functions, and our focus is to help you make it future proof yet nimble.

We look at your organization’s formal structure for productivity and efficient decision-making and identify critical roles that offer disproportionate value add to the bottom-line to ensure these have the right pipeline of A+ talent.

We also help you put the right anchors in place for employees to explore their career interests and navigate their journeys with you, and we ensure the right checks and balances are in place to evaluate performance, distribute pay and identify and develop your high potentials.

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  • Organization Design

    Designing organizations with purpose brings structure to the workplace and helps your leaders execute complex strategies with efficiency. There are often triggers that may drive the need for a change in the organization. We try to understand the root-cause underlying these triggers to shape the right direction for change.

    We ensure that the formal structure of roles and reporting lines works synchronously with the informal structure of people and culture to drive value for the business. We look beyond immediate needs and help you plan for long-term success so that your organization can scale as your business grows and yet stay nimble to pivot as needed.

  • Critical Roles

    Your organization has certain critical roles that create disproportionately higher value for you. You might be focusing on your strategic senior roles and overlooking lynchpin roles deeper within your organization structure that are critical to your success.

    To more strategically impact your bottom line, you need to make sure you are filling these critical roles with the best talent who have the right skills. We help you identify your organization’s critical roles, define the skills needed to execute them well and create processes to have a solid bench of talent in place.

  • Career Architecture

    Giving your employees clarity on career options they can have within your organization gives them a reason to stay. A well-designed framework for career management helps you provide employees and managers with the transparency and tools they need to shape their development and growth.

    We help you define your organizational levels, roles and titles and set standard and unique criteria that provide clarity of expectations for each role. We also create illustrative career journeys that show employees how they can navigate different journeys based on their career interests and skills in an easy-to-use app. Finally, we help you plan communication strategies and messaging for the launch of the new career architecture so the key information is readily available for your employees.

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  • Talent Reviews

    Our talent review process goes beyond the 9-box to measure performance and potential. We not only help you refine your tools and approaches to your talent review process but also focus on how you can help your current performers with future potential get better at what they do.

    We use an innovative business simulation exercise that prompts leaders to work in teams to maximize their strategic talent capital in a hypothetical company before they conduct talent review sessions. Investing in talent with varying degrees of performance and potential helps you provide your high potential employees with stretch opportunities that maximize your talent capital.

  • Performance Management

    Strengthening communication between your managers and employees helps employees do their best work to achieve your organization’s larger goals. For performance management to be effective, you need a clear internal communication approach that is not hindered by laborious processes and time-consuming forms.

    We help you select the right metrics to measure and tools to use to set better goals. We then help you design and implement easy-to-use processes and frequent feedback mechanisms that result in a high-performing culture.

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