Gryd TM

Retain great talent by showing them internal pathways to success

GrydTM is a cloud-based mobile and desktop application that lets your employees explore their career growth within your organization and lets you retain your best talent

Employee Benefits

  1. Transparent access to career opportunities across the organization

  2. Clarity of expectations for each role in terms of responsibilities and skills

  3. Learn more about roles through videos by coworkers with first-hand experience

  4. Connect with career champions to discuss a role of interest

Employer Benefits

  1. Keep your top talent motivated and engaged

  2. Create an agile culture of career growth through internal mobility of talent

  3. Define and build futuristic skills for the organization and build future leaders

  4. Use better tools and techniques to conduct career conversations with employees

Key Features for Employees

  • Career-Map.jpg
    Career Maps and Journeys

    A transparent and easy-to-understand mapping of all roles within an organization and illustrative career journeys that show typical lateral moves across roles or functions

  • Role-Profiles.jpg
    Role Profiles

    Robust descriptions of expectations in each role based on responsibilities, experiences, skills and behaviors

  • Skill-Grids.jpg
    Skill Grids

    A mapping of skills progression across roles based on depth or breadth of expertise. Highlights skills that are common across functional areas or unique to a job family or role

  • Videos.jpg

    ‘A day in the life of’ videos where incumbents within the roles share what a typical day in the life of that role holder looks like

  • Connections.jpg

    A list of career champions within each functional area that an employee can contact to learn more about the area

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