Culture & Strategy

Create a people strategy and company culture that position you for the future

76% of chief officers say they will either maintain or increase their spending to optimize their workforce planning and strategy post-Covid

McKinsey survey, 2020

Having a motivated workforce that embraces your values is one of your company’s greatest assets. A healthy company culture increases a company’s value for its current and potential talent, promotes productivity and boosts profits.

Building the right culture is a long-term process, and it needs a clear vision and championship so that everyone—from leaders to employees to customers—can identify with who you are and what you stand for.

We work with you to define your culture and how to align it with your business strategy to drive employee engagement and business results.

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  • People Strategy

    Designing a people strategy can affect many aspects of your company, from hiring, performance and succession management to skills needed in the future and your desired culture.

    We do a deep root cause analysis to determine what the real problems are and what the future state should be. We analyze data and understand your business strategy to create an overarching vision and strategy for your people function. We then create objectives and short- and long-term plans to achieve them, building a roadmap with milestones, priorities and the resources you need to make change happen.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

    Strategic workforce planning helps you identify gaps in your talent and plan for future needs with a long-term vision for your company’s workforce.

    We analyze your data, organization shape and size, workforce composition and employee satisfaction scores to identify patterns in employee behavior, DEI make up and talent flows. We draw insights from our analysis to help you create a plan for decisions related to future skills requirements, talent attraction and retention, internal career mobility and promotions, and DEI approaches that affect your talent pipeline and your business goals.

  • Culture Diagnostics and Design

    Your company culture affects every employee, and we speak to a cross-section of employees at different levels, business units and geography, to understand what it means to them and what changes they would like to see.

    We interview your executives for their feedback on company culture. Then, we look at your data, satisfaction surveys and qualitative feedback to see if there is a disconnect and determine what aspects of culture need to be addressed. We then work with executives and senior leaders to articulate the desired culture based on your company’s vision and business strategy. We help you define objectives and plans and create a blueprint with a timeline and the resources you need to achieve them.

  • Employee Value Proposition

    An Employee Value Proposition is more than just a statement—it’s an expression of the value that you offer to your employees. A well-designed EVP can help you attract high-quality candidates for recruitment and give your best people a reason to stay.

    We work with your HR team and delineate what you consider to be the value you offer your employees. We also conduct an employee survey to see how your employees value it. We analyze what’s valued equally and where there’s a misalignment and help you create your EVP.

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