AIIR Consulting

AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations. Through the strategic integration of coaching and technology, AIIR Consulting brings agile leadership development to today’s connected leader. AIIR Consulting is setting the standard in next-generation leadership development, executive coaching, and team effectiveness. Our world-class coaching community provides a unique combination of business experience and expertise in advanced business psychology to drive lasting behavioral change. When you need your leaders to rise to the next level, we are the partner with the proven people, personalized process, and pioneering platform to make it happen.


Worklytics is an analytics and machine learning platform for people data. Worklytics drives employee productivity and engagement by providing real-time analytics on how people invest their limited time and energy at work. We analyze activity data from over 20 common cloud tools, including Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Mail & Docs, JIRA and Github, to highlight inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement in how teams work and collaborate. Worklytics’ customers include Telefonica, Wework, Ebay and other Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of sectors.

Pyxis HR Consulting Consortium

Pyxis HR Consulting Consortium is a partnership of highly-experienced consultants. All partners have received their grounding in large global firms and now operate their own successful independent practices. Partnering together in Pyxis gives all partners the big-firm advantages they left behind – the opportunity to work with trusted colleagues and to bring to their clients a full range of high-quality HR consulting services rewards, health and talent. Every Pyxis partner thinks organizations that engage outside advisors should get a big return on their investment. To achieve that, Pyxis partners collaborate with each other and with their clients to solve your top talent-related challenges efficiently . . . expertly . . . economically.